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Map360 2024 Hotfix (2024.0.3.5245) - BPR Fence fails to draw cone

In Map360 2024, the hotfix release v2024.0.3.5245, there is an issue with LGSx files where when using the Bullet Path Reconstruction, the fencing of the pointcloud area to detect the cones is not working. When attempting to do this, no cone gets created, and in the command line you will a message saying "Could not find the rod!"

This issue is not present with LGS files, only with the newer LGSx files. We're working on a fix for this at the moment for the next release. 

In the meantime as a workaround, you can enable the Perspective View to bypass this issue, as the fencing detection works fine when that is enabled with an LGSx file.

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