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Adding Symbols to Map360 Symbol Library

Map 360 gives you two options for importing symbols that are saved as dwg into the symbol library:

First Method - For a small number of symbols, open Map360, open Symbol Library, select the folder where you would like to save your new symbols, and then pick “Import Symbol.” You will be prompted to browse to where your dwg file is stored. The file will be copied into the Symbols Library so you can access it in this drawing and any future drawings. Below is an example of this workflow:

Second Method - For a large number of symbols:

    1. Close Map360
    2. Use Windows File Explorer to Copy all the dwg files into a new folder named “Custom Symbols”
    3. Copy this folder by right clicking on the folder and selecting “Copy”
    4. Open file explorer and open the Program data folder:

(NOTE: if you can’t see the Program Data folder you need to enable its display by following these steps)
Windows 8 and 10:
Open File Explorer:

Switch to the View Ribbon
Check on:
  • File name extensions
  • Hidden Items

  Windows 7:
Open Windows Explorer
Select Tools | Folder Options:

Select View
Check on "View Hidden files, folders and drives"

Check off “Hide extensions for known file types."

Browse to: C:\ProgramData\Leica Geosystems\IMS Map360\2.1\Symbols

Now paste your new folder into this location by right clicking and selecting “Paste”

Now when you launch Map360 you will see the new symbols folder in the Symbol Library:

Choose files or drag and drop files
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