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A collection of instructional movies that will get you started using Map360.

Interface and Settings:
Other Movies:


Map360 2022.2 Overview (1:05)  Map360 2022.1 Overview (1:14)
Map360 2022 Overview (1:42)  Map360 2021 Overview (3:20)
Map360 v4.1 Features (1:46) Map360 4.0 Overview (3:37)

Quick Access Bar

Create and set a new layer from Quick Access Bar (0:44) Symbols Switch to 3D rendered view and navigation (4:02) Dynamic Labels (CAD Objects) (3:38)
Dynamic Labels (Walls) (1:37) 

Start Page

Creating a new scene with a dedicated scene folder (0:49) Overview of basic drawing and editing tools and grips (2:53) Setting up local Coordinate System default (6:42)
Start page overview of features and functions (1:02)


Export to PDF (1:53) Set Background (2:22) 


Importing Bing Maps satellite imagery (5:03) Auto add coordinate points to drawing objects (1:16) Automap assign layers the line types and other attributes (6:08)
Baseline Offset and Triangulation methods (1:50) Leica COE file import (2:01) Leica COE Export (3:15)
Importing Evidence Recorder data and measurement logs (7:08) Leica LGS Point Cloud data import (2:30) Leica LGS Point Cloud import with Geotag Evidence Markers (1:06)
Importing DBX Leica Captivate file with automap settings (1:52) Importing Global Mapper images into a GPS coordinate drawing (2:40) Importing georeferenced aerial imagery (2:28)
Importing unreferenced aerial imagery (2:07) Insert ortho image from Point Cloud (0:30) Leica Cyclone workflow to create orthoslice image from point cloud data (6:56)
Importing an ASCII coordinate data file (2:51) Automated intersections crosswalks and parking stalls (1:49) Auto connect coordinate points with linework using common descriptors (0:49)
Scaling images from two known points (1:00) Importing Evidence Recorder GPS data file (2:57) Importing Evidence Recorder total station data file (2:21)
Triangulation mapping method (4:17) Exporting GPS diagram onto Google Earth KML image (3:55) Import LAS / e57 / PTX files with automatic conversion to LGS or JetStream (Requires Publisher License.) (0:40)
Import IFC Model (3:44) Open Cyclone Register 360 Directly (1:21) View Legacy Movies to learn how to import all Pointcloud formats without a Publisher License.
Leica COE workflow to TruView (2:21)


Advanced line types in 2D diagramming (3:31) Advanced line types (1:52) Advanced line types on 3D surface (2:43)
Customize and convert line types (2:35) Body Poser tool to add 2D human forms into diagrams (0:55) Importing symbols using Collada (7:42)(Google SketchUp)
Inserting doors in 3D view (4:42) Using layers and display settings (6:43) Draw rectangle defined by 2 Points (0:48)
Draw rectangle defined by 3 Points (0:39) Drawing arcs (0:30) Drawing circles and arcs (1:17)
Adding color fill or hatch for closed shapes (2:30) Using boundary hatch and fill command for roadway surfaces (4:04) Drawing linework with polar tracking and snapping to points (3:37)
Line drawing command basics (2:26) Manually drawing points (1:55) Drawing and modifying 2D Polylines (3:56)
Using 2D polyline command (2:23) Using Snap settings for precision drawing (6:09) Inserting symbol from Symbol Library (1:12)
Rotate cursor to align with screen objects for tracing (3:22) Adding windows to 3D wall (3:44) Using Polar Tracking slice and trace in point cloud (6:55)
Drawing commands and options including ortho mode use (6:41) Using 3D Polyline command (0:45) Special polyline or Spline command (0:52)
Body Poser 3D tool for adding human forms into diagrams (1:06) Fire Symbols (1:54)  Import OBJ (Unified) (2:12)
Import OBJ (Non-Unified) (1:27)  3D Vehicle Models (1:21)


Align and scale image over two known points (5:21) Copy command and grips to copy objects in drawing (3:39) Fillet Command to apply a radius or join two lines to intersect (1:15)
Offset command to make parallel line work copies (1:46) Joining linework to form an enclosed polyline shape (2:57) Group objects into one entity or ungroup (0:44)
Edit properties of objects including linework symbols and text (2:25) Image setting and draw order wizard (2:25) Trim and Extend command (1:23)
Delete options and selection methods (1:39) Explode objects into individual entities (1:36) Using grips on objects to move scale and rotate objects (3:31)
3D Positioner (1:10)


Momentum angle calculation tool (1:41) Measurement comparison report accuracy verification (1:20) Witness views perspective (4:59)


Printing basics for configuring viewports (2:22) Adding aligned and radial dimensions (4:27) Adding text and text options (2:12)
Adding an evidence legend (1:05) Tie evidence markers to relative reference points (1:04) Evidence Marker Reports (4:46)
Dynamic 3D labeling in point cloud example (4:21) Adjustable dynamic Scale Bar (0:43) Create and activate viewports (1:28)


Cameras (3:25) Place camera in a vehicle (2:49) Visual Styles (3:49)
Walk and Fly in a building (6:12) Walk and Fly in a Point Cloud (2:27) Save Setup  (0:52)


Slice point cloud and set UCS cursor display for 2D tracing (2:43) Silhouette mode highights edges in point clouds for quick outline (0:25) Viewing Leica point clouds in TruSpace (5:02)
Pointcloud basics using clip slice and section tools (3:04) Workflow 2D diagram from point cloud data (8:21) Import DBX project with Scans (2:06)
Control Point Cloud point nodes (3:16)

BPA (Bloodstain Pattern Analysis)

Define the coordinate system and room origin (1:39) Identify surfaces from point cloud data or measured points (2:44) Align and scale images directly to the surface (3:01)
Analyse stains to include in the convergence analysis (2:36) Visualize the area of origin in 3D with a sphere or point (3:21) Create a BPA report with the calculated results (1:53)

BPR (Bullet Path Reconstruction)

Bullet Path Reconstruction (2:20)  Trajectory Analysis (1:11)  Report (0:50)


Access help documents (2:59) Analytics Program (1:24)

Workflows - 3D Models, Editing and Viewing

3D Model Categories (2:18)  3D Model Types (2:26)  3D Orbit (5:26) 
3D Position Control (4:57)  3D Model Categories (3:42)  Edit Protected Model Color and Material (2:36) 
Place objects in IFC Model (4:45)  Edit IFC Models (3:39)  Edit OBJ Color and Materials (5:22) 
Group and Position OBJ parts (4:03)  Rotate and Scale OBJ Models (2:41) 


EID Activation (3:42)  Updating USB Dongle (4:14)  USB Dongle Migration to EID (3:31) 
License Server Setup (2:29)  Connect to License Server (3:00)  Connect to License Server - different editions (1:20)
Borrow license (2:28)  Return borrowed license (1:26) 

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