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Posted by Chenel Georget on 12 October 2018 11:51 AM

Announcing the Release of Map360 V2.1

The new release of Map360 provides new features that align with Leica Geosystems’ new technology and advancements!

We’ve included simplified workflows and innovation fueled by user requested features!

Map360, part of the Leica Geosystems Incident Mapping Suite, is a desktop software solution that lets users import, process, analyze, visualize and create court ready deliverables from all types of measurement data.  This CAD based drawing software is loaded with Crash and Crime related features to ensure you have the tools you need to present the scene accurately.

New Features in Map360 V2.1 Include: 

  •  *.LGS Support: With the release of Leica Geosystems’ Universal Project file, LGS, you can now use it inside of Map360 with the click of a button. Points are quickly rendered revealing high detail and accuracy!
  • Seek: Easily navigate through your scene by defining a point in your drawing as the center of rotation.
  • Essentials Ribbon:Our essential features have been combined on one convenient ribbon to increase productivity.
  • Dynamic Labeling: Quickly label distances, horizontal and vertical angles within your scene. These labels automatically adjust to face you ensuring they are clearly visible as you move within your scene.  
  • Advanced Linetypes: Convert existing linework into centerlines, barriers, fences, or skid marks! Not quite the linetype you were looking for? The advanced linetypes introduced in V2.0 can now be customized to make it even easier to recreate the scene for your diagram!
  • Evidence Markers: Easily organize the order your evidence markers are listed in the legend and report.


For more details, check out the following:

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Customers with maintenance contracts can use Map360 V2.1 immediately after updating their license key and customers with expired maintenance or older versions, can purchase an upgrade to start using the latest features.

Want to try out the new features? A free fully functional 30-day demo is available. For more information visit http://ims.leica-geosystems.com/map360, call 800-668-3312, or contact your local dealer.


Download a free demo


About Us:

MicroSurvey Software has been developing software solutions since 1985 and made its first forensic product called MapScenes in 1999. In 2015, we retired MapScenes and re-released it as IMS Map360 under the Leica Geosystems brand. MicroSurvey Software is a member of the Hexagon family of companies. 


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