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Posted by How Li on 20 October 2022 08:20 AM

IMS Evidence Recorder

All Languages - October 20, 2022


All Evidence Recorder installations will allow you to run the program in evaluation mode. A Software Registration Key or GUID will have to be purchased if you decide to buy the product. A License upgrade will have to be purchased if you own Evidence Recorder Version 10 or older without a maintenance plan or a maintenance expiry date prior to May 10, 2017. Once purchased, license keys are generated online so that your license will match the device you own. Please pick here to go to our Licensing Instructions page and learn how to license your software.

Release Notes and Manual

Settings and Saved Instrument Profiles

  • Evidence Recorder stores program settings in a INI file: MSurvey.ini
  • Evidence Recorder stores Target Offsets, Bluetooth Device Info, and Instrument Profiles in a XML file: Settings.xml
  • A fresh installation of Evidence Recorder is highly recommended.


Step 1: Download Evidence Recorder and save it to your desktop or tablet computer

Devices Installation Windows Tablet/PC Leica Captivate Series
  • Windows Mobile Handheld
  • TS15/MS50 Onboard  
  • Windows (x86 or x64) Tablets and Desktops
  • CS20 Data Collectors

* Requires Windows Mobile Device Center application, see Step 2
** Does not require Windows Mobile Device Center application, skip to Step 3

Step 2: Install Windows Mobile Device Center

Skip to step 3 if you plan to install Tablet/PC or CAB file directly

In order to install Evidence Recorder onto your hand-held data collector, you must have Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows Vista/7/8/10) installed on your computer. Click here to download from Microsoft.

Step 3: Run the installation on your Tablet/PC or device

Follow the prompts to run the installation. Click here for more information about your particular device.

  • Devices Installation or Onboard Installation - The installs will prompt you to connect to your device through ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center and install the software.
  • Tablet Installation - Supports all Windows 7/8/10 operating systems.
  • CAB File Installation - Copy the *.cab file onto the device using a memory card or cable. Double click the copied *.cab file on the device to finish the installation.

Step 4: Install MicroSurvey Transfer or MicroSurvey Data Exchange

Use MicroSurvey Transfer to manage data transfer between Map360 and Evidence Recorder if your device has a USB port and uses a mobile operating system. This is not required if you use an SD card or USB storage device for data transfer. MicroSurvey Data Exchange is a free dwg viewer and Import/Export utility that is a perfect companion for MicroSurvey data collection software.
Download MicroSurvey Transfer
Download MSDX

Step 5: Download any required support files or utilities:

If you will be using Evidence Recorder to run GNSS equipment, you may need to download additional files:

If you will be using Evidence Recorder to collect GIS Attributes, you may need to download the Feature List Editor utility. This utility is included with the Windows Tablet/PC version of Evidence Recorder only.

Click Here for movies showing how to define features and use a feature file for GIS data collection.

Step 6: HAVE FUN!!!

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