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Updating USB Key


After purchasing upgrades or renewed CCP Maintenance if key still shows as expired:


To activate your USB License Key, you must use a computer that has internet access. You only need internet access to activate the key initially and once activated internet connection is not required to use the program.

  1. After IMS Map360 software is installed insert your USB Software License Key in any available USB port on your computer. Confirm that the tiny red led on the key has lit.

  2. Go to Start | All Programs | IMS Map360 and start “USB License Manager.”

  3. On the Software License USB Key Maintenance Program, Press the Update Key with New Information Button:

  4. You will get a message indicating that the key was updated highlighed in green. You now have a updated license expiry date stored on your key. Exit the License Manager.

5. You can now start IMS Map360 by using the shortcut on your desktop, or from the Windows Start button go to Programs and select the IMS Map360 folder.

Checking for Updates:

You should receive notifications for available updates but you may also need to check manually. To do this in Sketch Mode make sure you are in the Home Tab at top and go to far right on ribbon menu to About IMS Map360 click the down arrow Check for Updates.

Trouble Shooting:

If the IMS Map360 option did not appear on your USB key and you have a current maintenance plan, please contact us at 1-888-632-8285 and ask for License Manager or Technical Support.


The key is activated using a special program called the USB License Manager. The License Manager contacts a server at our corporate office. Depending on the firewall configuration used in your organization, you might need to grant special permission to the License Manager software to access through TCP Port 80. Alternatively, you can activate the key from a less restricted computer.

If you get an error message, “Unable to retrieve product information, please contact Technical Support.”, this usually indicates a firewall issue. Please consult with your own Network Administrator on how to setup exceptions. If License Manager can’t get through the firewall, you will not be able to activate, or update your USB License Key.

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