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Using _MSFLATTEN to create a profile for determining sight lines

To create an instant profile (quite useful for determining sight lines in vertical cases): 


1.) First you need a series of 3D points in your drawing. These points may have come from a data collector such as our FieldGenius or Evidence Recorder, or any other source.


2.) Join the points with a 3D Polyline. You can find this command in the Draw Menu, or you can simply type in the command 3DPOLY at the command prompt.

Be sure your object/entity snaps are set to "point". 


You can turn the object snaps on by going to the Draw Tab -> Settings -> Top Toolbar -> Change settings for: Entity Snaps.

It will remain on for all picks until you return to this dialog and turn it off by picking it again to remove the check mark.

Pick on all of the 3D points in order, to draw the continuous 3D polyline (Example below)

3.) Create a new layer called "Profile" and make it current. This allows you to freeze the layer afterwards if you wish. (Optional but recommended)


4.) Type the command "MSFLATTEN" 


5.) It will prompt you to Select Object - pick on the 3D polyline you just drew (it will highlight in purple)


6.) It will go through a series of defaults (shown below). Just stick with the defaults if you wish, and enter for each one. Or set them as desired.

(Example below)

Vertical multiplier <1>: 5 <- Vertical Exaggeration

Base elevation for grid/Auto <Auto>: <- Lowest Value on the Vertical Grid

Draw a grid background <Yes>: <- Do you want the Grid drawn?

Vertical spacing <0.5>: 1 <- Spacing between horizontal Grid lines

Vertical labeling interval <2>: <- Label every so many Horizontal Grid lines

Horizontal spacing <10>: <- Spacing between Vertical Grid lines

Horizontal labeling interval <5>: 2 <- Label every so many Vertical Grid lines

Select origin point: <- Pick location on screen for Profile

7.) Insertion point is the last prompt, this determines where the profile and grid will be inserted (using the bottom left corner of the grid). The example below shows the completed profile using the values listed above.



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