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Map360 v 3.0 Print Crash Workaround

In Map360 v 3.0, when some users try to print their scene, a CrashHandler error message will appear and they will not be able to print. This article will walk users experiencing this defect through two workarounds to print from Map360 v 3.0 without receiving the CrashHandler Message.

The CrashHandler message that users will run into is shown below:

There are two workarounds for this defect. The steps for each are outlined below:

1. Export PDF

a) On the Import/Export ribbon, select the Export button.

b) Type in a name and Browse to the folder to save the PDF

c) Define the print properties such as paper size and orientation. *Ability to Enable Layer Support*

d) Open the PDF and print the diagram.

Click Here to view a short video going over the Export PDF process.

2. Page Setup Manager

a) Go to File > Print > Page Setup Manager

b) Hit Modify to get into the Page Setup Dialog

c) Configure your print settings to how you want your scene to be printed and then hit "Preview"

d) From the print preview, hit Print to print your scene with the page configuration you just setup.

You should now be able to print in Map360 v3.0 without receiving the CrashHandler error message!

Click Here to view a video going over the workaround procedure to print from Map360 v 3.0.

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