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IMS Map360 1.2 Known Issues

The following is a list of critical bugs or important limitations that users should be aware of which affect IMS Map360. It is not intended as an exhaustive list of all issues.

Important Note: If you ever experience a crash when using IMS Map360, when you are asked if you would like to send an error report, please always select Yes to send the report. MicroSurvey and IntelliCAD programmers can use these error reports to help investigate and fix crashing problems that occur within the program, even if it is a problem that is not easily reproducible.

Reported: February 3, 2017

Problem: Random Instability can occur when performing a Regen

Solution: As always, ensure that all Windows and Graphic Accelerator Drivers are up to date.  But if instability still occurs, type MTMODE in the command line.  Then set the variable to 1. 

Status: Open (1.2)

Reported: September 1, 2015

Problem: Dynamic Orbit via Ctrl+mouse may cause the display to disappear from view. Note: you can use Undo, Zoom Previous, or Zoom Extents to get back to your previous view.

Workaround: Instead of a dynamic orbit (Ctrl+mouse), use the 3D Orbit command from your ribbon and select the Set option to snap to a nearby point which will be used as the center of rotation. Note, the Set point is not "sticky" and you will need to re-select a Set point every time you run the 3D Orbit command.

Solution: This will be fixed in a future update.

Status: Open (1.0)

Reported: September 1, 2015

Problem: Witness Viewpoints do not work within a paper space viewport.

Workaround: Set the Witness View in model space and export a BMP file from the ribbon, then attach that image into your paper space view.

Solution: This will be fixed in a future update.

Status: Open (1.0)

Reported: November 22, 2017

Problem: Some users with Windows 10 have reported an "digital signature not recognized" error message when they install on their computers. 

Solution: Affected users have reported that the only current solution is to remove Entrust from the computer and then reinstall. MicroSurvey's digital signatures are valid so this is an incorrect error message. For more information on Entrust users can go to 

Status: Known Issue  

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