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Map360 v4.1 Release Notes

Map360 v4.1 Release Notes

Release History

Map360 4.0 Release (v4.0.14.890) – June 2, 2020

Previous versions of Map360 (v1.0-v3.1)

Important Information

System Requirements

Map360 v4.1 is compatible with 64-bit versions the following operating systems:
Windows 8.1 (with Update 2919355)
Windows 10 (version 1507 or higher)

You must run the program at least once as an administrator, even if you are already logged in with an "Administrator" account on the computer. After this is done, it can be run by any user on the computer, including those  who don't have administrative accounts. To accomplish this, once the program is finished installing do the following:
1. Select Run from the installer dialog.
2. Right click on the Map360 icon and choose "Run as administrator".

New Features

Point Cloud Import: Import LAS, e57 and PTX files with automatic conversion to LGS or JetStream.

  • A Cyclone Publisher or Cyclone Publisher Pro license is required.

3D Body Poser: Insert a 3D body and adjust the body parts to define a custom pose.

  • Choose from male, female or child
  • Predefined poses are available in the properties panel and can be customized further

Enhanced Features

Theme: Title bar is colored per Leica IMS theme and icons on the quick access toolbar are easier to see.

Properties Panel: Evidence markers have been added to the properties panel for easy modification. Also added font to the default properties to set the current text style.

QA Report: A screenshot of the drawing area is included in the report

Scalebar: Added the ability to change the color

Point Labels: 3D point labels are tuned on by default

Layout Tabs: Viewports are automatically updated after a zoom or pan

Geotags: Uniquely identified geotags allow a user to skip, replace, or keep both geotags when reimporting an LGS file.

Workplane Mode: Toggle state displayed on the ribbon button to visually indicate if the mode is on or off

Crosswalks: Pick two points to insert the crosswalk into the scene. Setting the color to a true color will not invert the color in the layout tabs.

Hatching: Fill a boundary that includes entities that are not at the same elevation

Baselineoffset: Honors the distance precision defined in the settings

Distance and ID Coordinate: Results are shown in a separate dialog instead of the prompt history

Backwards Compatibility: All custom entities such as momentum angles, crush, baselineoffset, intersections, geotags, etc. are not only forward compatible but they are also now backwards compatible.

Point Cloud Engine Update: Updated to latest Leica EpcA SDK 2020.1

  • Support for latest Leica Geosystems Cyclone, JetStream, and Cyclone Register360. Older versions are also still supported
  • Support to importing various point cloud formats as LGS or JetStream
  • Added the ability to open multiple LGS files in separate drawings that are open at the same time
  • Target vertices can be read in LGS files from REG360
  • Improvements to Silhouette mode

Important Fixes

  • [D10810] – Point Labels and/or points are not being displayed when adding points to the database
  • [D10839] – Some drawings are not being loaded correctly causing a crash
  • [D10881] – Some point clouds are not appearing in Layout Viewports
  • [D10766] – Undo buttons become disabled after opening a drawing with a point cloud
  • [D10807] – Cancel point protection on point deletion causes labels to duplicate
  • [D10903] – Moving the baselineoffset entity doesn’t update points until the table is reopened
  • [D10904] – Point protection doesn’t fire when moving the Baselineoffset entity after certain conditions
  • [D10863] – The point is stored at 0,0 if user doesn’t tab to the next cell in the Baselineoffset routine
  • [D10884] – Momentum vehicle outline in metric drawing is very large after reopening drawing
  • [D10819] – Crosswalks: do not invert color of fill if set to a true color
  • [D10867] – Crosswalk fill displayed incorrectly when at an elevation other than 0
  • [D10876] – Moving a Baselineoffset entity along with points moves the points twice or causes crash
  • [D10821] – Deleting points from the Evidence Log does not fire the new point protection dialog
  • [D10865] – Renumbering points from the Evidence Log does not require point protection
  • [D10822] – EVMLEGEND background masking does not update to changes without a REGEN
  • [D10801] – EVM Reference text overlaps the reference line
  • [D4287] - Properties shows two linetype options first time you select a line or polyline
  • [D10847] – Product name is missing from the title bar
  • [D10856] – Crash when switching to the start page after importing an LGS file and not letting it fully load
  • [D10845] – Evidence reports are not being exported with all the pages attached
  • [D10798] -  Switching to the trigonometry tab on the analysis dialog causes a crash with a Chinese Operating System
  • [D10803] – Pointstyle from the advanced settings are not being applied
  • [D10781] – Moving the momentum angle grips from the end point to the start point causes the grips to disappear
  • [D10780] – QAPROTOCOL Twin Target Pole known distance isn’t being defined the first time creating a report
  • [D10818] – QAPROTOCOL shows wrong results when nothing or 0 is used for known distance
  • [D10771] – Deleting an existing BPA origin keeps the selection method greyed out for new origin
  • [D10767] – Evidence marker points are deleted prior to point protection firing and canceling the operation will remove the marker
  • [D10763] – Unable to see the target face through the drawn sphere for the CWQAPROTOCOL
  • [T2547] – Updated the experience level for some of the commands on the advanced workspace
  • [T2585] – The template was updated to correct inconsistent print settings
  • [B110314] - Ortho Mode is inaccurate during Polyline drawing after UNDO option in rotated UCS
  • [B110328] - Polylines from Automap are showing the old properties
  • [B110371] - Entprop doesn’t show the properties of a pre-selected entity
  • [B110313] - Advanced Linetype not following cursor in a rotated UCS
  • [B110316] - OLE inserted images don't scale uniformly with the sketchgrips
  • [B110312] - Polar Tracking guidelines do not show for the first segment of a polyline
  • [B109049] – List provides the incorrect angle in the UCS XY plane when a UCS other than World is defined
  • [B110386] - Layers that are Off need to be switched to Frozen
  • [B110317] - Snap modes that are entered by typing or from the shift+right click menu will turn on in addition to the other current snap modes
  • [B110546] - Add Text Override to dimensions properties under the Text section
  • [B110550] - Disabled dialog controls show blurry text
  • [B110567] – IMS_FILLET does not work with WALL entities
  • [B110621] - Advanced Lines: Do not invert color of line if set to a true color
  • [B110669] - Allow a user to enter any scale for hatching from the dialog or the properties
  • [B110721] - Other Print Area methods are affecting Layout method using IMS_PRINT
  • [B110752] – Default sketchmode value to 2 to allow making selections inside a closed entity
  • [B110795] - Unable to do a quick align with a UCS defined
  • [B110861] - Zoom Extents requires a Regen after entities move
  • [B110981] - Layers that are set to "not print" need to be automatically set to print
  • [B110881] - ALINETYPE - polar tracking no longer works after an undo
  • [B110882] - ALINETYPE – ortho mode no longer works after an undo
  • Stability and performance improvements.

Known Issues

This is a list of known issues that we are addressing.

  • [D10844] – Unable to open drawings with geotags in previous versions of Map360 without crashing – going forward this will no longer be an issue as we implemented backwards compatibility
  • [D10866] – Running some commands will automatically sets lightweight toggle to ON
  • Some point clouds will not show in all viewports
  • Some computers will always give an admin rights requirement to install the program. We are working on a patch release to address this issue for those computers.

Important Notes

Activating or Updating your USB License Key
If you are licensing Map360 for the first time or upgrading from a previous version of Map360, you will need to activate or update your USB License Key using the License Manager program on a computer with internet access. Please refer to the following topic for detailed instructions about activating or updating your key.

A copy of the USB License Manager program is automatically installed with Map360, or it can be downloaded from our online Helpdesk system and installed separately onto another computer which has internet access.

For a detailed explanation of the Customer Care Package (CCP) and how we use product version numbers and USB keys, you can refer to the following online article.

If your Customer Care Package has not yet expired, you can use the USB License Manager to update your key to work with the most current version. You can confirm the expiry date for the CCP by going to the About screen found in the Help menu. Each USB License Key has its own Customer Care Package, so if you have multiple keys it is possible that they may each have a different expiry date.

If your Customer Care Package has expired, you can phone us at 1-888-632-8285 to renew it. Without a current Customer Care Package, you will not be able to update your key to work with the latest version.

MicroSurvey License Server for Network License Users
Users who have purchased a network license will need to install a copy of the MicroSurvey Network License software. If you have purchased a Network License and are setting it up for the first time, you can download the Network License Server application from our online Helpdesk system.

The MicroSurvey Network License Server program has not changed significantly since the release of MapScenes 2008.
This is only necessary for users who are setting up a network license for the first time.
Note: You will be required to enter a password in order to install the Network License Server.

System Requirements
Map360 is compatible 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Map360 does not have any hardware requirements above and beyond what is required by your version of Microsoft Windows, aside from a compatible video card for the 3D rendering, animation, and point cloud engines.
Please refer to this online article for a list of compatible video cards.

Point Cloud Requirements
Map360 Pro requires that the following software packages be installed:
1. Required: Leica Cyclone 9.1.1 (or newer) for opening Cyclone Point Clouds (IMP)
2. Required: Leica JetStream 1.4.1 (or newer) for opening JetStream Point Clouds
3. Leica LGS Point Clouds do not require Cyclone or Jetstream to be installed
4. Optional: Leica Client License Manager (CLM) 1.4 (or newer)

Please visit this page to download Cyclone products.
Please visit this page to download JetStream products.

Leica Cyclone and JetStream do not have to be licensed. Map360 will be fully functional with an unlicensed version of Cyclone or JetStream. Leica Cyclone and Leica JetStream are licensed independently from Map360, by entering an entitlement ID into the Leica CLM application.

Windows 7 Notes
Microsoft announced that support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. According to Microsoft, "If you continue to use Windows 7 after support has ended, your PC will still work, but it may become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Your PC will continue to start and run, but Microsoft will no longer provide the following support for your business. No technical support. No software updates. No security updates. To avoid security risks and viruses, Microsoft recommends you upgrade to Windows 10."

Due to Microsoft's announcement, all new releases after January 14, 2020 may not support installation within the Windows 7 environment since we no longer use the Windows 7 operating system for development or testing.

Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Notes
Run as Administrator
You must run the program at least once elevated with "Run as administrator" access, even if you are already logged in with an "Administrator" account on the computer. After this is done, it can be run by any user on the computer, including those who don't have administrative accounts.

To accomplish this, once the program is finished installing click on the RUN button on the Map360 Install dialog or do
the following:
1. Right click on the Map360 icon.
2. Choose "Run as administrator".
3. Select "Yes" on the "User Account Control" dialog when prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer.

Online Resources

Online Training
Learn the fundamentals with hands-on training! We have implemented a learning management system online resource that allows IMS customers using Map360 and Evidence Recorder to access training developed for the Course Training Standard in a self paced, online environment.

Technical Support
Leica Geosystems provides free 24x7 self-support to all users via the Leica Incident Mapping Suite Helpdesk where you can find knowledgebase articles, downloads, and a troubleshooter. This is a good starting point for any problems that are not answered in your Help file and Manuals.

For technical support, please visit the Leica Incident Mapping Suite Helpdesk to submit a helpdesk ticket to our technical support staff. If you do not have internet access you can phone our office at 1-888-632-8285 and a ticket can be entered for you.

Technical Support is provided free of charge for 90-days following the purchase of your software. Following this introductory period, additional technical support is available via your Customer Care Package (CCP).
To purchase or renew your CCP, please phone 1-888-632-8285 or visit our online store at

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