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Map360 v4.0 Release Notes

Map360 v4.0 Release Notes

Release History

Previous versions of Map360 (v1.0-v3.1)

Important Information

System Requirements

Map360 v4.0 is compatible with 64-bit versions the following operating systems:
Windows 8.1 (with Update 2919355)
Windows 10 (version 1507 or higher)

You must run the program at least once as an administrator, even if you are already logged in with an "Administrator" account on the computer. After this is done, it can be run by any user on the computer, including those  who don't have administrative accounts. To accomplish this, once the program is finished installing do the following:
1. Select Run from the installer dialog.
2. Right click on the Map360 icon and choose "Run as administrator".

Map360 v4.0 Three Editions

This release of Map360 introduces three product editions providing all users with the tools they need specific for their application and budget.

Map360 Sketch is an entry level product for creating a quick diagram or floorplan. It meets the needs and budget of any agency. Map360 Standard introduces 3D viewing and capabilities as well as the analysis tools and animation. Map360 Pro builds further on the previous editions and includes a powerful point cloud engine.


Map360 is available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Polish.

New Features

Interface: A dark theme has been applied similar to other Leica products.
• The new theme is standard across all editions
• The ribbons have been reorganized in a Default workspace
• Advanced workspace includes some of the new features but maintains the legacy ribbon structure

Start Page: Single location that is always available to create a new scene or open an existing one.
• Preview recent drawings
• Access help resources and online training
• View the latest news

New Scene: Create a new scene with a unique name and optional scene folder.
• Define the units and template for the drawing
• Units and template are persistent for future drawings

Simple Tools: Commonly used tools are simple to use and learn
• Drawing tools such as line, polyline, spline, circle, 2 point rectangle, 3 point rectangle
• Editing tools such as copy, offset, trim-extend, fillet, break

Scale Bar: Dynamic scalebar that is adjustable to fit any scene.
• Various styles
• Matches drawing units

New Layer: Create a new layer or multiple layers at once without opening the layers manager.
• Define a unique name and select the layer color
• Set a new layer as the current drawing layer

2D Body Poser: Simply position a 2D body in a diagram.
• Choose from male, female, or child and various pre-defined positions
• Interactive grips make it easy to manipulate the pose to match the position from the scene
• Change the color of body parts or remove limbs

Baseline Offset: Quickly add points from manual entry with the very simple baseline offset tool.
• Place the baseline in the drawing area and enter the measurements in the table.
• Multiple baselines can be inserted in the same drawing.
• All the points added to the baseline offset routine will be included in the evidence log.

Triangulation: Define a point where two existing measurements intersect by selecting the Reference Points and entering distances.
• The triangulated points will be included in the evidence log.

Scale Image: Define two points with a known distance to scale an image.
• Current length is displayed dynamically
• Grips are available to reposition the known reference points

Momentum Angles: Define the approach and departure angles of vehicles involved in a collision.
• Define the four angles relative to V1 approach
• Interactive grips make it easy to adjust the angles and positions

QA Report: Compare measured points to known distances to establish quality control protocols.
• Use with hand measurement or data captured with TPS or GNSS equipment
• Compare to a known measured distance or to the Leica Twin Target Pole (certified by NIST)

Intersections, Crosswalks, and Parking Stalls: Insert 2-way and 4-way intersections, crosswalks and parking stalls into a drawing for a quick, basic sketch.
• Interactive grips make it easy to customize the length, lane width and corner radius of intersections
• Select the appropriate centerline for the road segment
• Interactive grips can also be used to adjust crosswalk spacing, parking stall dimensions and rotation

Silhouette Mode: Display the hard edges in a point cloud
• Draw the outline of objects, rooms, or buildings
• Toggle the display in various color modes

Geotag Support: Import an LGS with Geotags and they will automatically be converted to Evidence Markers.
• All associated assets are imported and embedded in the Evidence Reports
• Assets are copied to a folder located in the drawing directory

Ortho Slice: Import an ortho image of a point cloud slice from REGISTER 360.
• Browse to a dxf file that contains the associated image(s)
• Image(s) are inserted at the correct location and scale
• DXF and image files will be copied to the directory of the drawing

Evidence Marker Reference: Define a reference in the drawing to provide useful coordinates to evidence markers.
• Multiple reference points can be defined
• Coordinates are shown on the evidence report

Snap Toggle: Entity snaps can be turned on or off during an active command or before.

Licensing: A new online licensing system that enables different license types and a longer demo period.

Experience Levels: Set the working environment based on experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Enhanced Features

Quick Access Toolbar: Commonly used tools are located on the toolbar located at the top of the program window.

Properties Panel: All drawn entities have intuitive properties allowing easy customization and editing.

Interactive grips: Selected entities display grips that help position and resize objects.

Symbol Librarian: Modernized, restructured, and includes additional symbols such as 2D Vehicles, European/UK Signs, and Household furniture.

Simplified Settings: Commonly used settings have been combined into one dialog with four tabs: Drawing Settings, Labeling Settings, Options, and Coordinate Systems.

QA Protocol with Point Cloud Data: Manually define targets in point cloud data to identify a Twin Target Pole.

Auto Connect Points: Join points by description and apply the AutoMap feature to layer and color linework and other properties automatically.

Snap Settings: Set the active snap modes during an active command or before.

BPA Report: Include all attached images to the report.

Evidence Marker: Double click on an existing evidence marker to bring up the dialog for the selected point.

AutoMap Files: Simplified the AutoMap descriptions and set them to the description layer.

Advanced Linetypes: A solid fill is used for planar linetypes. Realistic rendering is no longer required for these types.

Streamlined Workflows and Dialogs: Commonly used workflows and dialogs have been updated with the new theme and modernized. These dialogs include: Export PDF, Print, Hatching, Bing Maps, AutoMap, Import Points, Export Points, Rescale point labels, Labeling Defaults, Layers Manager, Join points with SDRMAP, Evidence Recorder Import, Point Protection.

Vehicle Specifications Database: The vehicle specifications database has been updated to the latest version, 2020.2.
• The vehicle specifications database is compiled annually by the Collision Investigation and Research Division of
Transport Canada.

Point Cloud Engine Update: Updated to latest Leica EpcA SDK 3.5
• Support for latest Leica Geosystems Cyclone, JetStream, and Cyclone Register360. Older versions are also still

Powered by IntelliCAD 9.2
• Map360 v4.0 is powered by IntelliCAD technology, IntelliCAD 9.2.
• Full support for AutoCAD® 2018-2020 .dwg files, performance enhancements, start page, grips and selection tools, drawing cleanup tools, digital signatures, and much more.

Important Fixes

• [Bug109301] - The customized properties for dash spacing and dash length are correct for Centerline-Euro linetypes
• [Bug99838] – Grips are drawn correctly with perspective mode on
• [D10699] – Doors and Windows scale correctly in a metric drawing
• [Bug109779] – AEC Layers are no longer created prior to the object being drawn
• [F4220] – AEC layers are created for each category of object but not each style
• [Bug107614] – Delete layers with entities no longer causes a crash
• [Bug109274] – Delete a dimension style without crashing
• [Bug94620] – Disabled temporary snaps
• [Bug109135] – Support for AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 32 core
• [D10222] – Advanced linetype Culvert has the correct offset
• [D10683] – Performance improvements when inserting an advanced linetype
• [D10712] – IPN_Internal Layer is automatically thawed
• [D10714] – Collada models are imported at the correct scale
• [D10715] – Stress testing no longer crashes Map360
• [D10724] – Crush stiffness values show the correct units in metric drawings
• [D10629] – Deleting points via CAD selection no longer occurs at the wrong stage causing labels to disappear
• [D10709] – Updating an Evidence Marker does not jump to the next evidence point.
• [D10609] –Not able to close the Bullet Path Reconstruction dialog during a selection
• [D10643] – Text on the QA Protocol Report is no longer missing.
• [D10681] – Editing a symbol from the symbol library no longer causes a scaling problem in drawings with unit settings that do not match the defaults.
• [D10512] – SampleIRXApp does not autoload
• [D10530] – The Beta angles reported in the BPA report are from left to right
• [D9135] – Evidence Reports can handle large PDF files as the title page or diagram.
• [F4018] – Removed Drawing 1
• [D10522] – Point move will trigger an update to the database in existing drawings
• [D10525] – Save dialog no longer appears after opening and closing an existing drawing
• [D10501] – Save dialog no longer appears after the recovery wizard
• [D9536] – Splash screen will scale to accommodate 4k monitors
• [D10502] – Unicode characters removed from dialogs
• [F3667] – Removed “What’s This?” Help button from dialogs
• Stability and performance improvements.

Known Issues

This is a list of known issues that we are addressing.
• Silhouette mode requires the data to be from Cyclone Legacy. Cyclone Register360 data is not supported at this time. A regen may also required to apply the change. Silhouette Mode does not work with greyscale color mode.
• Opening an existing drawing with layers that are turned off are not being switched to a frozen layer and do not items on those layers will not show up.
• When using Cyclone IMP point clouds, perspective views can be distorted. A workaround is to use a JetStream or LGS version instead.
• Only one drawing with an LGS file can be opened at a time
• Polylines from Automap are showing the old properties panel
• Properties are not shown for a pre-selected entity
• Undo Buttons become disabled after opening a drawing with a point cloud
• OLE inserted images don't scale uniformly with the sketchgrips
• Evidence Markers are deleted prior to point protection firing and if you cancel, they do not return

Important Notes

Activating or Updating your USB License Key
If you are licensing Map360 for the first time or upgrading from a previous version of Map360, you will need to activate or update your USB License Key using the License Manager program on a computer with internet access. Please refer to the following topic for detailed instructions about activating or updating your key.

A copy of the USB License Manager program is automatically installed with Map360, or it can be downloaded from our online Helpdesk system and installed separately onto another computer which has internet access.

For a detailed explanation of the Customer Care Package (CCP) and how we use product version numbers and USB keys, you can refer to the following online article.

If your Customer Care Package has not yet expired, you can use the USB License Manager to update your key to work with the most current version. You can confirm the expiry date for the CCP by going to the About screen found in the Help menu. Each USB License Key has its own Customer Care Package, so if you have multiple keys it is possible that they may each have a different expiry date.

If your Customer Care Package has expired, you can phone us at 1-888-632-8285 to renew it. Without a current Customer Care Package, you will not be able to update your key to work with the latest version.

MicroSurvey License Server for Network License Users
Users who have purchased a network license will need to install a copy of the MicroSurvey Network License software. If you have purchased a Network License and are setting it up for the first time, you can download the Network License Server application from our online Helpdesk system.

The MicroSurvey Network License Server program has not changed significantly since the release of MapScenes 2008.
This is only necessary for users who are setting up a network license for the first time.
Note: You will be required to enter a password in order to install the Network License Server.

System Requirements
Map360 is compatible 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Map360 does not have any hardware requirements above and beyond what is required by your version of Microsoft Windows, aside from a compatible video card for the 3D rendering, animation, and point cloud engines.
Please refer to this online article for a list of compatible video cards.

Point Cloud Requirements
Map360 Pro requires that the following software packages be installed:
1. Required: Leica Cyclone 9.1.1 (or newer) for opening Cyclone Point Clouds (IMP)
2. Required: Leica JetStream 1.4.1 (or newer) for opening JetStream Point Clouds
3. Leica LGS Point Clouds do not require Cyclone or Jetstream to be installed
4. Optional: Leica Client License Manager (CLM) 1.4 (or newer)

Please visit this page to download Cyclone products.
Please visit this page to download JetStream products.

Leica Cyclone and JetStream do not have to be licensed. Map360 will be fully functional with an unlicensed version of Cyclone or JetStream. Leica Cyclone and Leica JetStream are licensed independently from Map360, by entering an entitlement ID into the Leica CLM application.

Windows 7 Notes
Microsoft announced that support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. According to Microsoft, "If you continue to use Windows 7 after support has ended, your PC will still work, but it may become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Your PC will continue to start and run, but Microsoft will no longer provide the following support for your business. No technical support. No software updates. No security updates. To avoid security risks and viruses, Microsoft recommends you upgrade to Windows 10."

Due to Microsoft's announcement, all new releases after January 14, 2020 may not support installation within the Windows 7 environment since we no longer use the Windows 7 operating system for development or testing.

Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Notes
Run as Administrator
You must run the program at least once elevated with "Run as administrator" access, even if you are already logged in with an "Administrator" account on the computer. After this is done, it can be run by any user on the computer, including those who don't have administrative accounts.

To accomplish this, once the program is finished installing click on the RUN button on the Map360 Install dialog or do
the following:
1. Right click on the Map360 icon.
2. Choose "Run as administrator".
3. Select "Yes" on the "User Account Control" dialog when prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer.

Online Resources

Online Training
Learn the fundamentals with hands-on training! We have implemented a learning management system online resource that allows IMS customers using Map360 and Evidence Recorder to access training developed for the Course Training Standard in a self paced, online environment.

Technical Support
Leica Geosystems provides free 24x7 self-support to all users via the Leica Incident Mapping Suite Helpdesk where you can find knowledgebase articles, downloads, and a troubleshooter. This is a good starting point for any problems that are not answered in your Help file and Manuals.

For technical support, please visit the Leica Incident Mapping Suite Helpdesk to submit a helpdesk ticket to our technical support staff. If you do not have internet access you can phone our office at 1-888-632-8285 and a ticket can be entered for you.

Technical Support is provided free of charge for 90-days following the purchase of your software. Following this introductory period, additional technical support is available via your Customer Care Package (CCP).
To purchase or renew your CCP, please phone 1-888-632-8285 or visit our online store at

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