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Map360 2021.0 Known Issues

The following is a list of critical bugs or important limitations that users should be aware of that affect Map360. It is not intended as an exhaustive list of all issues.

Important Note: If you ever experience a crash when using Map360, when you are asked if you would like to send an error report, please always select Yes to send the report. MicroSurvey and IntelliCAD programmers can use these error reports to help investigate and fix crashing problems that occur within the program, even if it is a problem that is not easily reproducible.

Reported: July 2021

Problem: Map360 fails to launch. The splash screen can be seen, then disappears or a crash error occurs.

Workaround: If you have a 4K monitor, change your display Settings to use a lower resolution than the 4K resolution. And/or change the programs DPI settings. This article goes into more depth on where these settings are.

Solution: This will be fixed with a future update of Map360.

Reported: July 2021

Problem: When printing with large image files, the image may not fully render

Workaround: We are currently working on this issue, and unfortunately there is no workaround in the 2021 version. The 4.1 version will be able to print that drawing fine, or the Export to PDF should also work fine.

Solution: This will be fixed in a future update.

Reported: July 2021

Problem: Large images don't have the full quality they should in your model space

Workaround: This is controlled by a setting called FASTIMAGEDRAW. Run that as a command, and change its value from 1 to 0. This will change the behaviour on how Map360 loads in images, so re-inserting your image should have the full quality now.

Solution: This will be changed in a future update.

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