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How to insert a new Template file

Inserting a New Template

Once you have a new template (.dwt) file you wish to use, place it into your Templates folder located in your Documents:

C:\Users\(user)\Documents\Leica Geosystems\Templates

(user) = Current User on Computer

Applying a New Template

Check the “Use Template” box when you create a new scene. Browse to your template folder and pick the template you wish to use.

This is a deceptively powerful method for increasing the efficiency of your drawing work. If you save this blank drawing as a template, you can include all the drawing elements that you include in your drawing, such as:

  • Layers
  • Text styles
  • Labeling styles
  • Layouts
  • Symbols
  • Notes to yourself about steps to follow when creating a new drawing
  • Etc…

Whenever you create a new drawing using a template that has all these elements you save yourself having to insert or configure them in the future.

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