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Using AutoMap to Connect Line Work

This workflow guide demonstrates how to create a custom AutoMap entry and use it to connect line work

Please note this workflow is for users that do not have EVR (Evidence Recorder) - it is used to automatically connect points that are already in the drawing or that you add to the drawing.

1) Open the AutoMap Editing System under the Import/Export Ribbon

2) Press "New Library"

3) Press “New” to create your new description

4) Enter your desired description name

5) Fill out the following information under the Line Work Connection

6) After you have all your desired descriptions added to the AutoMap Editor press "OK"

7) Save your newly created AutoMap to the disk

8) Give your custom AutoMap a unique name

9) Under the Import/Export Ribbon select the Import ASCII File

10) Choose Coordinates Delimited

11) Pick the format your points are in and the delimiter

12) Ensure you have the AutoMap that you created selected

13) Choose your custom AutoMap from the C Drive:

14) Press OK

15) Select your point (ASCII) file

16) Your line work will then be drawn connecting points with the same description

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