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Export PDF Creates a File with extension "$$$" instead of "PDF"

When attempting to export a PDF from a drawing with Pointclouds or high resolution images, some users report that the routine fails to create a PDF file but instead creates an empty file with the extension "$$$."


The "$$$" file is a temporary file that the routine SHOULD be turning into a PDF file, but because of the high imagery the program is unable to finish the file creation.  This is a known issue that will be fixed ina future update.


However, it is simple to use a different method to produce the PDF.  Most computers have utilities that can be used in place of printers to produce a PDF file.  Use the Print command and view the selection of printers available to see if there is one labeled as a PDF generator.  If you don't see one, you can install a free one, currently Leica Geosystems and MicroSurvey use one called "Foxit."


After you select the pdf generator to create the print, configure your page setup (Use Preview to confirm that your current settings will look right, sometimes this requires a little trial and error) and then run the print.  You will be prompted to set a location and name for your PDF file and a file will be created.

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