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Video Tips

Video Tips

A collection of movies generated to answer common questions from our customers.

Map360 Tips:
Other Movies:

A collection of Movies Generated to Answer Common Questions from our Customers

We find that sometimes the best way to answer a support question is to make and post a short movie so others can view the results. Some of these movies show techniques that allow you to unlock surprising new capabilities in your software you may not have been aware of.

IMS MAP 360 Video Tips


Trimble JXL Import

Surface Creation:

Points on Grid

Creating a Surface

Setting TIN Triangle Length

Computing Volume of a stockpile of loose material inside a shed

3D Topics:

Simulating position of the Sun

3D Rotate

Changing the Insertion Point in a Collada 3D Symbol


Evidence Recorder Movies

YouTube Playlist v1

YouTube Playlist v2

Resource Link

Disto S910 and EVR Boardroom Scene Demo

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