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Tracker Shuts Down Unexpectedly or Battery Runs down Too Early

Some users have reported their Tracker turns off unexpectedly. They may also report that their battery does not charge fully or that the "Low Bat" light comes on after only a few hours of use.

It's easy to fix. Just open the battery compartment, remove the battery (be sure your data is safe first) and bend the two contact tabs up about 10 degrees so they make firm contact with the battery pack. If you see any corrosion you may want to shine the tabs up with sand paper too. Make sure everything is clean, reinstall the battery and close the battery compartment.

Important note on protecting your data: Evidence Recorder needs to be installed in the Compact Flash Card, and you need to keep your EVR Scenes folder on the CF card as well. That way, if your battery dies, you have an unexpected shut down or someone removes the battery the data and application will be safe.

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