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Registering or Updating Evidence Recorder

Software Registration

This guide explains how to use the Software Serial Number (SSN) or Globally Unique ID (GUID) and the Device ID generated by your device to register the product online and retrieve your Software License Key (Password). The Software License Key is used to activate your IMS Evidence Recorder software.


  • You will need to have the software installed on your device, please see the Evidence Recorder download page if you have not completed that step and need the installation files.
  • With your purchase you should have received a SSN/GUID which is a series of letters and numbers that look like this:
    If you do not have your SSN/GUID, please contact the issuing dealer, distributor, OEM vendor or your sales representative.
  • Please keep your SSN/GUID stored in a secure place for future reference. You will require this SSN/GUID to retrieve lost passwords or to purchase updates or upgrades for your software in the future.
  • Your SSN/GUID is valid for one activation only.

Step 1 - Retrieve your Device ID number

The Device ID can be found after you install the software on your device and run it for the first time. On start up, all non-activated software will display the About Screen where a Device ID will be shown. You can also access this About Screen from the Menu Home icon inside the software.

A typical Device ID will look something like this:

Step 2 - Online Software License Key Generation

With your Software Serial Number/GUID and Device ID information handy, go to and follow the instructions on the online registration pages to generate your Software License Key.

NOTE: Please inlcude the dashes (-) when you input your Device ID into the registration page.

When complete, you will be presented with your Software License Key which will look something like this:

Save a copy of your Software License Key for future reference.

Step 3 - Activate Device with Software License Key

Using the Software License Key generated by the online registration system, enter the values into the About Screen on your device. NOTE: Only 4 values can be entered into each box and each box must be entered separately.

When done, press the Apply Key button. You will see the words "Activation Key Valid" and it will list the modules that were registered. The Run Demo Mode button will also change to Continue.

Other Information

Retrieve Lost Software License Key

The Software License Key that was generated for a specific SSN/GUID can be accessed anytime from the online registration page at Simply enter the SSN/GUID and the registration page will reveal the Device ID and Software License Key registered to that SSN/GUID.

Demo Mode

To run any non-activated copy of software in Demo Mode press the Run Demo Mode button. The Demo Mode has the following limitations, but otherwise is fully functional:

  1. Each project is limited to contain a maximum of 30 points.
  2. Any project containing more than 30 points cannot be opened.
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