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Map360 CTS Training Materials

Map360 Course Training Standard Materials

Leica Geosystems is pleased to offer the Map360 CTS training materials to all.  Our team of Certified Instructors can be engaged via MicroSurvey to provide instruction following the Course Training Standard Curriculum and students who complete that course will be endorsed as qualified professionals to use Map360 software.  The IMS Map360 CTS Curriculum is also taught in a self guided format at our online school Certified Map360 Instructors may use the CTS materials to teach Map360 within their agency, but must issue their own certificate of completion.

Please view the links below to access all materials that will be distributed to students:

Files for Distribution to Students:

PDF Manuals:

Map360 Manual - Conventional

Map360 Manual - Pointcloud

Conventional Materials:


Pointcloud Materials (Large Downloads):

Pointcloud Materials

BPA Materials

QA Protocol Materials 

Files for Instructional Use:

Further resources are available in the private instructors resource page.  Please contact MicroSurvey for further details.  Certified instructors may use the materials available at this page to teach Map360, but must issue their own certificate of completion.  


MicroSurvey endorsed certificates of completion are available to students attending a MicroSurvey hosted class or online class.
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