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Improved Performance and Stability with NVIDIA Graphics Cards and IntelliCAD10.1

The release of Map360 2022.0 and the latest NVIDIA driver package offer a significant improvement in performance and stability.

NVIDIA has added a new dedicated IntelliCAD profile to the driver that will detect the IntelliCAD engine and use a specific application profile automatically. The new application profile enables settings that eliminate crashes and program stability issues. Please follow the steps outlined in this article to take advantage of this improved performance. For details about the new NVIDIA driver released Oct 2021, see:

If your NVIDIA Graphics card is listed in the release notes, and you have experienced the following symptoms when running Map360 2022 or newer:

  • The program will not launch or appears stuck when displaying the splash screen
  • Instability/unexpected crashing, typically during a save or autosave
  • Slow graphical performance

Please follow these steps:

1. Ensure you have the latest driver installed for your Graphics Accelerator and that all Windows updates have been installed. 

- Close Map360
- Download and update the driver:
- Test Map360 for stability. This will improve performance in most cases.

If this does not resolve the issue please continue:

2. Manage NVIDIA settings

- Close Map360
- Click in the "Widgets" section of your Windows taskbar:

- Right click on the NVIDIA Settings icon and select "NVIDIA Control Panel"

- Select "Manage 3D Settings"
- Press "Restore Defaults"

If you continue to see issues with stability, please contact our Support team by creating a ticket in the Helpdesk or calling 1-888-632-8285.

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