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Posted by James Johnston on 06 March 2017 05:04 PM

Leica hosted a demo day event at Tilberg in the Netherlands on February 16.  The event involved a presentation of data gathered from a crime scene simulation that had been measured the previous day in The Hague.  Participants inspected the full range of sensors including Total Stations, GNSS, High Definition Scanners, Small scale Scanners, a UAV and two Leica Mobile reality capture devices.  Approximately 40 law enforcement officials gathered for a day long event that featured:

  • A welcoming address by Leica Europe director Paul Weavers
  • An Introduction to the Leica Europe and Middle East product line for forensics by Paul Burrows
  • An overview of the services available to Leica customers in Europe by Hans Liebrand
  • A technical overview of the startlingly easy-to-use and affordable Leica BLK360 scanner by Christian Schafers
  • A discussion on using IMS Map360 to create deliverables from all Leica sensor technologies by MicroSurvey's James Johnston
  • A demonstration of the extremely capable Pegasus Backpack reality capture system by Juan Madronal
  • A presentation on using Leica HDS and drones for mapping the aftermath of the March 22, 2016 Brussels Airport terrorist bombing by the Belgian Federal police
  • A presentation about the challenging requirements specified in a tender issued by the Netherlands Police Department and won handily by Leica
  • A presentation on the live data processing and online viewing capabilities of Leica Jetstream product by Bjorn Van Genechten

All attendees remarked that they enjoyed the event and were looking forward to attending another such event in the future.  Some attendees already using Leica IMS products, but many were learning about what products were available.  All the presenters enjoyed the questions and stories that came from the audience.

See below for links to learn more about the products that were demonstrated:

IMS Trueview

A Sampling of 3D Scans and Trueviews

The Leica BLK360 Scanner

Other Leica HDS Sensors 

Pictures from the Event:

IMS Map360 can work with data from all Leica sensors


And quickly allows creation of compelling court documents. 



Images from the Presentation:



Images from Mock Crime Scene in The Hague:










Visit the IMS Training Page to learn about upcoming events.








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