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Posted by Jason Poitras on 03 December 2016 01:56 PM


In the soon to be released 1.2 version of IMS Map360, two new workflow routines have been added to better support our users doing Blood Pattern Analysis.

Using the newly added HemoSpat Coordinate Exchange Format, users of IMS Map360 and HemoSpat can easily exchange data between the two software programs.  

On the Analysis Ribbon, two new commands are now available:

IMS Map360 Exchange Buttons

IMS Map360 Exchange Buttons

HemoSpat data imported into IMS Map360

New movies have been created and you can watch them to learn more about this new and exciting feature:

  1. Intro Movie - IMS Map360 and HemoSpat
  2. Clip the point cloud
  3. Insert digital photgraphs on point cloud wall
  4. Create HemoSpat Exchange File
  5. Determine offset measurements from point cloud for lead stains
  6. Import HemoSpat results into IMS Map360
  7. Advanced - Define multiple surfaces from point cloud for use in HemoSpat

We also want to thank Andy Maloney, Gord Lefebvre, Walter Bentley, Ken Jones, and Ryan Rezzelle for your guidance in helping us develop an intuitive and easy workflow between IMS Map360 and HemoSpat.



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