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Posted by Olivia Floyd on 27 October 2016 10:13 AM

Leica Geosystems hosted a Public Safety Technology Event for those involved in Crash Investigation, Forensic Investigation, Imaging or Mapping on Thursday 20th October 2016 at the Leica Geosystems UK headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.

This exclusive event highlighted the very latest survey technology and mapping tools for accident reconstruction and crime scene investigation including Laser Scanning solutions, Mobile Mapping solutions (vehicle and body-mounted), UAV’s, Total Stations, GNSS Receivers, hand-held laser scanners, 360 rapid photography and the Leica IMS360 suite of software.

The event was free to attend and included presentations, case studies, practical demonstrations, workshops and concluded with a Q&A sessions.

MicroSurvey Software was a guest speaker along with NCTech, Met Police and West Yorkshire Police. In attendance from MicroSurvey were Jason Poitras, General Manager and Michael Bachinski, Global Business Development Manager.  MicroSurvey showcased the Leica Geosystems IMS Map 360 software for accident and crime scene reconstruction and how data from the various technologies demonstrated during the day could easily be imported and used with IMS Map360 to create various deliverables including 2D sketches, 3D diagrams, trajectory reconstruction, and animations.

“The Public Safety Technology Event was a huge success with Police agencies from all over the UK attending. It was a great opportunity to learn from various experts in the forensic field and to show the workflow from the IMS Map 360 software” explained Michael Bachinski Global Business Development Manager MicroSurvey software.

 “Events like this are important for us as a software developer” said Jason Poitras. “When you hear and see first-hand what users are doing with various technologies, it always amazes me how ingenious users are in the Public Safety field. Learning about why they did something a certain way, and how they did it, helps us make better software solutions.”

 Following are some pictures from the workshop.

 This is Leica P40 Scan data imported into IMS Map360 with a background aerial image as an underlay.


This is a finished 2D diagram from the P40 scan data.

This was an indoor mock crime scene that was scanned with a Leica P40.  The IMS Map360 Trajectory tool was used to calculate and draw trajectories from the trajectory rods.

This is an example of importing Leica Captivate data captured with a Leica MS60 Multi-Station. All the line work, points and scan data import directly into IMS Map360 with no conversion necessary.



Also discussed was the QA Target Report which is a unique feature of IMS Map360. This report can be generated to output a report that verifies that your scanner was measuring accurately at the scene.






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